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December 27 2022


A few years ago, I was sitting at Quest Diagnostics waiting to have my blood drawn for my annual physical. As always, I had knitting with me. If I remember correctly, I was working on the sample for my Ever Blooming shawl. A nice lady with white hair started up a conversation with me. She like to crochet, and she was admiring my project. She mentioned that her apartment complex, a 62+ community, was in need of a knitting instructor, and would I be interested? I had never considered teaching before, but I gave her my card.


Some time later, the complex manager reached out to me, and we negotiated an hourly rate. I began teaching there shortly before COVID. We took a break during the pandemic, but I am back at it and have been for over a year now.


I had no idea how much I would grow to treasure my time with these ladies. They are warm and kind, sassy sometimes, and often rowdy, but they show up twice a month, eager with questions and a desire to make something beautiful or just to try something new. I think I am getting as much out of it as they are.


Now for the sad news. I learned today that Gail passed away on Thanksgiving. She had been declining for some time, and her family had moved her out of the complex and closer to them so they could take care of er.  I hope that wherever she is, she knows how meaningful our chance encounter has turned out to be for me.


I wrote these charts, one lace and one colorwork using Gail’s name as inspiration. They are my gift to you. Use them in your own designs; work them into existing designs. All I ask is that if you use them that you will email me at and share pictures of your finished objects, or that you will post them on social media with the hashtag: #ForGailLNK.

For Gail

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