What do you do with all of the wonderful labels left over after you are done knitting?  I really enjoy the artwork on yarn labels, and I often use them as bookmarks.  I have refined that idea into a really fun way to recycle all those yarn labels.  I have backed them with beautiful art paper and laminated them to make a longer lasting novelty bookmark.  I can think fondly of the projects I have knit while marking my place in the many books I tend to have going at a time.  These are wonderful gifts for the crafters and readers in your life.


Each bookmark is made with a label from a yarn that I actually knit and carried around in project bags. Some natural distressing is normal on the paper, but this will not affect the bookmark itself.


This bookmark is made from a Rauma Mitu yarn label. It is backed with acid-free art paper. 


Dimensions: 2.25" x 6" x 5 mil

Rauma Recycled Bookmark, Small


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