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An Hour a Day

Detail of Temprature blanket.  Marker indicates today's progress.

What can you do with an hour a day? As my life became busier and my "to do" list kept growing this past summer, I found that my knitting time dwindled drastically. I had originally planned to knit 10k meters in Stash Dash, but alas, I barely finished 4k. I have finally admitted to myself that raising a child, running a household and trying to launch a design business while finishing up the remodel from hell takes its toll. I am forgiving myself and not worrying about the things I can't do. New Year. New Mindset. I am, instead, asking myself, "What can I do?"

I am committing to knitting 1 hour per day for the forseeable future. Some days I may manage more, but one hour is the minimum. Today with my one hour, I finished three rows on my temperature blanket. It may not sound like much, but this thing is going to cover our king size bed with a turnback of at least 24" when it is done. At this rate of completion, I will be caught up on this project by Sept 20. Not bad, considering that today I crocheted the rows for August fourth, fifth and sixth. Baby steps. Just like Mom and Gram used to tell me. I wonder how many of those ends I can weave in per hour? Musings for next time.

Temperature Blanket 2018

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