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Happy New Year!

How can it be that time is both flying by and standing still at the same time? Who would have thought that in 2022 we would be entering into year 3 of the pandemic?

2021 saw a lot of changes for Late Nite Knits. In June, I started a print on demand business to complement my knitting design business, and it kind of took over my life. There was a huge learning curve, and from what I learned about the Etsy algorithm, you really have to post a new design every day, more if you can. I started out with a goal of 100 designs, and once I achieved that, I decided to go for 500, which took me right up to the holiday retail season. I have included pictures of a few of the knitting themed designs that are available here on my website. You can view the entire collection of tshirts, jewelry and more at

I didn't do a whole lot of knitting design during that time, and to be honest, not much knitting at all. I am happy to say, that I am back in the knitting groove, and you can expect a lot more from me on the knitting front in the next few months. I have some really fun ideas percolating, and another collaboration that I think you will really enjoy. I am just about ready to begin a test knit for this sock. I will notify subscribers first, so if you haven't subscribed to my newsletter, please do!

Lace sock with contrasting heel and toe on a sock blocker
Upcoming Test Knit

I am not really one for resolutions. I try, instead, to constantly re-evaluate my goals and make changes as needed. Constant growth is my goal. I have been using calendar blocking in the last few weeks, and it really seems to help my focus. You can read about calendar blocking here. It is really helping me with time management, and ultimately, I am hoping it will help me with one of my biggest struggles: organization.

I will leave you with some pics of our New Year's Eve dinner. One benefit of the pandemic is that we have really made meal time a central focus in our family. We have had more meals together as a family in the last two years than we have ever had before. We have always had a no technology at the table rule, and that has continued through the pandemic. Coming together at meal times throughout the day has brought us closer together as a family. I have an extensive colleciton of cookbooks, and I have never been one to make the same recipe over and over again, so we have had a good time experimenting with new foods and new ways to cook old favorites. New Year's Eve dinner was a BBQ rib roast served with vegan collard greens, pareve corn bread, and vegan baked beans. I have been playing around with using canned coconut milk as a substitute for dairy in bread recipes, and it seems to work very well. The corn bread was moist and rich.

Standing rib roast with 3 ribs and a spice rub sitting on a rack in a roasting pan.
BBQ Rib Roast

Collard greens in a sauce pan
Vegan Collard Greens

Baked beans in a white casserole dish
Vegan Baked Beans

Lodge cast iron lid containing corn bread batter
Corn Bread Batter in a Cast Iron Pan

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